G and J African Market is committed of providing you fresh produce from Africa and we take stock very frequently to promote our commitment. We have displayed few of our produce on this site to give you an overview of our services. Check on the home page for our store hours and come in to make a better choice of our produce.

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Overview of Products in Stock
 Name  Description
Lucozade Energy producing drink
Dry Bitter Leaf Dry Bitter Leaf
Curry Powder Magnificent
Thyme Thyme
Maggi Cubes Maggi Cubes
Okazi Okazi
Ogbono Okro like seed for making soup
Akyi Soup thickner
Suya Mix Spice for meat
Pepper Soup Mix A spice mix for making soup
Short Bread All butter short bread cookies
Ovaltine Cookies All purpose, crispy cookies.
Cabin Biscuits Oxford brand sweetened biscuits
Digestives Mcvities whole wheat tasty biscuits.
Jacobs Crackers Light crispy crackers
Stockfish Norwegian brand cod stockfish
Catfish Delicious catfish steak
Bath Sponge Nylon made net bathing sponge
Cooking Pot Aluminium pot for cooking banku
Ladle Wooden spoon for preparing banku and fufu
Chewing Sponge Pristine sponge for cleaning teeth
Yam Fresh Ghana yams
Palm Oil Delicious red palm oil for making stew
Olive Oil Virgin olive oil
Vegetable Oil Natural vegetable oil for cooking and baking
Coconut Oil Coconut oil from African coconut
Palm Karnel Oil Oil from palm kernel
Fair & White Bleaches and moisturizes skin
Maxi Light Removes spots from skin
Sivoclair Carrot fortified skin lighter
IKB Skin lightening cream
G & G Moisturizing beauty cream
Clear Essence Tones and smoothens skin
55 H+ Strong bleach treatment
Clear N Smooth Skin toning cream
Shea Butter Shea Butter
Pounded Yam Grounded yam for making fufu
Plantain fufu Grounded plantain for making fufu
Cassava fufu Grounded cassava for making fufu
Attieke Grounded cassava
Gari Grated cassava for making eba
Farina Grounded wheat for making fufu
Beans Flour Grounded beans for making moi-moi
Ribena Vitamin fortified antioridant drink
Cerelac Vitamin and minerals fortified drink the helps baby grow
Horlicks Original malted drink that helps with sleep
Milo Vitamins
Muscatella Ghana's refreshing drink
Nido Instant cream milk powder
Peak Milk Unsweetened evaporated milk
Quaker Oats Quick cooking white oats
Custard Birds original custard
Overtine Malted refreshing drink
Ginger Beer Non alcoholic ginger drink
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